Do you need to...

  • Meet your goals at work?
  • Motivate others to achieve maximum results?
  • Gain support for your ideas?
  • Do it all and develop good relationships all around you?

Learn about the benefits of the Positive Power & Influence® Program and find the approach which fits your needs

Positive Power & Influence Program®What is the Positive Power & Influence® Program?

The Positive Power & Influence® Program (PPI) is an internationally renowned program with proven effectiveness and success around the world. It gives people the skills and confidence to achieve their goals and develop strong relationships, without compromising on one in the pursuit of the other. Thus, it helps companies to execute their plans and meet their goals, whilst also developing genuine engagement. The program provides participants with unique techniques and enables them – in a safe environment, to practice influencing. Developing an appropriate balance between achieving goals and maintaining relationships.

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Why choose PPIP?Why choose PPI?

PPI offers you the ability to be effective in reaching your goals, both inside and outside your workplace. You will learn a model which helps you to influence - transforming your objectives into common goals, gaining the support of others and motivating them through respect and engagement.

Who will benefit PPI?Who will benefit?

PPI is designed to bring maximum benefits to people seeking to increase their efficiency and achieve their goals in a way that preserves relationships. This applies to business professionals, at all levels of the organisation, and particularly with current and future leaders who want to learn how to motivate others whilst developing important goals. It is also very applicable in developing influence within matrix organisations - where positional power in one department has little impact across other parts of the business and yet where things still need to get done!

Does PPI work?

More than a quarter of a million managers and professionals, working in the world’s leading organisations have benefited from the Positive Power & Influence® Programs.

Clarity Consulting s.c.

The Positive Power & Influence® Program is licensed exclusively in Poland, by Clarity Consulting s.c.

Clarity Consulting s.c. helps executives to influence and build strong relations; leaders to become even more effective and organisations to improve employee engagement. All to deliver better business results.

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