Clarity Consulting s.c.


Helping executives to influence AND build strong relations; leaders to become even more effective and organisations to improve employee engagement. All to deliver better business results – in Poland and internationally.

About Clarity Consulting s.c.

Clarity Consulting s.c. provides specialist management consulting and coaching & mentoring services. We deliver comprehensive solutions in a wide range of industry sectors in Poland, the UK and other European countries, as well as in Asia. We help businesses, both local and regional, to grow faster and more profitably. Our expertise include the following sectors: FMCG, insurance, banking, software, legal, engineering, logistics and chemical.

At Clarity Consulting s.c., we work for the benefit of businesses, leaders and individuals. We guide organisations to develop their own Brand Footprint, Brand Values and a Concise Strategic Approach to Corporate Communications, both internal and external including various groups of stakeholders. We also advise companies on cultivating their competitive edge and designing their CSR goals and action plan. We work at Board level and through the organisation to help develop clarity through the business in the areas of Purpose, Values and Principles. We shape culture change process to enable progress.

We also support leaders and senior managers with psychological grounding and a selection of effective coaching approaches to help them make their subordinates grow and bring benefits to the organization. Coaching provides an opportunity both personally (exploring personal effectiveness and transformation) and for the organisation (developing new leaders, leading change, setting the tone for subordinates). Apart from team and individual coaching, we would be happy to invite you to participate in our Systemic Team Coaching Programme. This method is based on the synergy of working with the Team, the Team Leader and separately with individual Team Members.

The Positive Power & Influence® Program is licensed exclusively in Poland, by Clarity Consulting s.c.