What is PPI?

It is a research-backed development skills program, used by senior managers and executives of multinational organisations all over the globe. The Program aims at helping professionals and organisations achieve their goals and boost their performance - while building and maintaining strong relationships within and outside of the organisation. Worldwide, about 10,000 people a year experience PPI. It has been translated into 15 languages and is delivered in more than 40 countries. In Poland it is uniquely delivered by Clarity Consulting s.c.

During PPI, participants develop their influence skills and learn to be flexible in using various influence styles to get their job done efficiently and keep their relationships intact. They also learn to diagnose each influence situation they encounter, and then apply the influence style that will be most effective. Mastering influence skills add up to effective communication and true leadership abilities.

Why are influence skills important?

To get things done in today's business world, it is more than ever to influence others – direct reports, colleagues, managers, clients, and suppliers – both inside and outside the organisation. Typical influence goals include gaining buy-in for one's ideas, securing cooperation, attuning agendas, and sustaining action. However, factors influencing organisations change, which is why flexibility in using different influence approaches is key.

Strong influencers fulfill their personal objectives while maintaining and nurturing important work relationships. In practice, however, achieving both can be extremely challenging. That is why many people accomplish their influence objectives only at the expense of important relationships. And others habitually avoid challenging influence situations, at the expense of fulfilling their work goals; and consequently their career development.