Program structure

Independently of the duration of the program, the overall structure remains the same:

  • SELF-ASSESSMENT: Prior to the program, participants collect data from associates via a 360-degree feedback instrument. This data is used in conjunction with taped simulation and in-programme feedback to clearly identify which influence styles each participant tends to use, as well as to highlight their personal opportunities to become more influential.
  • DEVELOPING STYLE AND FLEXIBILITY: Participants learn the fundamentals of influence styles they use infrequently or ineffectively. They also practice the influence styles with which they are already familiar, learning how to apply them more effectively. Participants thoroughly explore all styles and develop personal learning goals for the remainder of the programme.
  • DEVELOPING INFLUENCE SKILLS: Participants then practice using varied influence styles in relevant and challenging situations, to improve their ability to first diagnose the influence situation, craft an influence strategy using a diagnostic tool, then strategically apply the most effective style.
  • APPLICATION PLANNING: Last and most important, participants prepare to apply what they have learned to a real-life influence situation using tailored simulation and intensive feedback from peers and training staff.


There are three versions you can choose from: a Fast-Track 2-day programme, a Standard 3-day programme, and a Directors 5-day programme.

We believe that in order to master soft skills, the art of influencing being one of the most sensitive, you need to immerse yourself in the process. That is why although learning objectives of each programme may differ, they are all very practice and experience-oriented.

Fast-Track 2-day program

Especially for busy executives and organisations where time out of the regular business is a limitation. The Fast Track 2-day program offers an introduction to the principles of Positive Power & Influence® and prepares participants for the next stage of their development. It aims to start people reviewing their own experiences of influencing in the workplace and outlines ways to use personal power to achieve outstanding results.

Over two days, you’ll explore a range of styles and behaviours used by effective influencers. You’ll discover which styles work for you (and which don’t), while learning how to give constructive feedback, helping you and others to develop.

Standard 3-day program

Our flagship 3-day course moves briskly through the concepts of the Situational Influence Model, introducing participants to the range of influence styles, to focus participants on mastering influence behaviours, and to applying those behaviours in their own work in the weeks immediately following the programme. This is accomplished through real and personally relevant case studies, small and large group work, exercises, one-on-one trainer coaching, peer feedback and audio visual feedback.

Participants develop influence style flexibility. They learn to diagnose each influence situation they encounter, then applying the influence style that will be most effective and suits them best.

Director’s 5-day program

The Director’s programme is focused on the sort of influence challenges faced by key decision-makers. If you’re holding a pivotal role in your organization, this programme will help you understand how your behaviour influences both individuals in your organisation and larger groups including suppliers, customers and legislative bodies.

During the programme you’ll learn the Situational Influence Model to understand the range of influence styles available, before exploring the effect you may have on others when holding a combination of organisational and personal power. You’ll learn how to exploit the potential benefits, manage the potential negative effects of these powerful energy sources and what to do if some of those power sources aren’t available or valued by others.

How to decide what’s right for YOUR business?

PPI can be tailored to the objectives and current issues for each organisation and its people. It is very flexible and can be conducted at an organisation’s facility or off-site. It typically accommodates between 6 and 18 participants and is of 2 or 3 days duration. The choice of the program length depends on the expected outcome and on the specific needs of the individual or the business group.

All versions of the program use the same behavioural model, the Situational Influence Model, and the same general concept. Although all programs are experience-oriented and aim to focus on practise, the longer the program, the more time available to perfect the influence styles.

The modular nature of the program also allows PPI to be integrated into larger pieces of development work.

If you would like to find out more about PPI and the programs we offer. Or consult on your development objectives and how the program could benefit you and what it could bring to your organisation – please contact us, discuss your needs and get specific advice.